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The Copyrights Office operates a copyright clearance centre on behalf of the University, to obtain copyright clearance for teaching and learning materials used by university students and staff. It is important that University Staff familiarise themselves with the law relating to copyright, the licensing authority (DALRO) and the procedures to follow to make application for transactional licenses.

  • The University has now opted to use the Blanket License for copyright protection and has thereby signed a three year contract (commencing 2012) with DALRO who are mandated by majority of the publishers both nationally and internationally to collect royalty payments on their behalf.
  • However, there are limitations regarding the copying of material, ie percentages allowed etc. Please refer to the copyright brochure for these limitations. (transactional license and blanket license do not defer regarding the percentage that can be copied from texts)
  • You are still required to submit the copyright application form to the copyright office by internal mail/ fax/email.
  • The Copyright Officer will thereby report all reproduction to DALRO. The blanket license does not require you to obtain permission prior to making copies and distributing to students via course-packs, manuals, electronic etc.The blanket license allows for distribution without first obtaining permission but subject to the limitations set out in the copyright brochure that is available on the copyright website.
  • Please note that it is compulsory that all reproduction of works is reported to the copyright office in order for us to inform DALRO which publishers to pay. The Copyright Officer will regularly carry out inspections at the printing shops, the electronic servers as well as with the schools to ensure all reporting.
  • DALRO will also conduct these inspections at various times on all campuses to ensure compliance.
  • Please contact the copyright office for any queries regarding the blanket license. College DVC’s and Heads of Schools are urged to request their staff to contact the Copyright Officer to arrange for meetings to discuss the blanket license.

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