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Student Disciplinary Services

The Student Discipline Services focuses on student discipline related issues across all campuses of the University. The functions of the Student Discipline Services are as follows:

• Administrative responsibility to handle and process all disciplinary reports which are provided by Risk Management Services (RMS).

• Process Student Disciplinary Matters in applicable Disciplinary Tribunals (RMS investigation, service of process and charges)

• Consult with relevant stakeholders on application of Student Discipline and Rules (Student Discipline Consultative Forum)

• Propose and finalise Student Disciplinary Rules and procedure in Student Discipline Rules Committee

• Apply Alternative Dispute Resolution in student discipline matters where it is appropriate

• Recruit and appoint Panel of Student Representatives and Chairpersons to the Tribunals

• Attend to Personnel (HR) requirements associated with abovementioned appointments and remuneration

• Advising Chair of Council on Appeals to Council Appeals Committee

• Student Disciplinary Records of the following :
a. Admissions of Guilt signed by students in their academic departments in line with Rule 15.1;
b. those signed in the Proctors office in line with Rule 15.6 of the student Discipline Rules;
c. all other matters (Student Discipline Court;
d. and Residence Tribunal matters.

• Educate on legislative/law amendment application and effect to enable compliance

• Investigations for Student Discipline.

All Student Discipline Related matters are to be reported to Risk Management Services except academic related matters which have to be reported directly to the Student Discipline Services in accordance with Rule 11 of the Student Discipline Rules.

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Admission of Guilt Form for Cheating in Class Test

Admission of Guilt Form signed in Proctors Office

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