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Contracts Management

Legal Services has the responsibility to ensure that all contracts (including a memorandum of agreement) that are entered into by the University, are assessed by Legal Advisors for legal and University policy compliance, properly executed by the University Signatory delegated to enter into such contract by the University Council, and thereafter, properly stored for safekeeping purposes. To ensure that this responsibility is met and effectively managed, all requests concerning proposed contracts are required to be routed to Legal Services in the first instance through the contracts management system. This system is initiated by the completion of an online electronic submission form, attaching the necessary supporting documentation.

There are various laws, University policy, and procedural requirements applicable to the proposal and execution of University contracts. To assist Staff who have the responsibility of being a contract initiator or owner, Legal Services has developed a guide on contract procedures and requirements, with advice and assistance on these.

NEW – Contracts Management Principles and Regulations effective 16 February 2023


( Form can be accessed using Internet Explorer, Google
Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc.)

Please do not upload documents as a single file, the contract, checklist, approval letter, or Form 1/2 and other documents should be attached as separate files. The contract should be in Word format preferably.

Before uploading contracts for review, please ensure that you have the following completed forms:

Checklist – (New as of 13 Feb 2017)
Letter of Approval

Checklist – (New as of 13 Feb 2017)
Form 1 – (New as of 13 Feb 2017)
Form 2 – (Research Addendums, Amendments, Modifications and Subcontracts [when UKZN pays for services rendered] )

Research-related projects or activities constitute the following:

  • Creative, experimental, evaluative, interpretative, analytical, exploratory and/ or explanatory work aimed at contributing to existing knowledge, addressing specified problems and/ or developing new applications or innovations. The above includes activities/ projects that:
  1. Develop or challenge existing theories or theorems
  2. Test the validity of instruments, procedures, etc.
  3. Focus on critically analysing and understanding a phenomenon or phenomena
  4. Focus on project implementation and assessment or are practice-based
  5. Construct appropriate models or systems
  • The work is undertaken on a systematic/logical basis that conforms to clearly articulated scientific or methodological approaches that align to acceptable norms within a particular field or discipline (this can include multi-, trans- or inter-disciplinary approaches). This entails clearly discernible steps to produce, collect and analyse information/ data.
  • The intended beneficiaries of research-related projects extend beyond the direct participants or funders and have broader societal or scientific relevance.
  • In the academic context, clearly stipulated research outputs (such as theses, dissertations and research projects linked to student supervision, academic publications, patents, etc.) should be part of the research project.
  • Compliance with Research Ethics and Intellectual Property policies and legislation.

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