Legal Services


Precedent Library

This precedent library has been created to provide UKZN staff with standard template contracts used within the Institution.

Staff are encouraged to download the required template and complete as directed during the negotiation phase. Should you require a legal advisor’s assistance to finalise the document, kindly submit your draft contract to for allocation. 

If your contract has been finalised, please submit it via the Contracts Management process.

Disclaimer : These documents are ONLY to be used by UKZN Staff for UKZN contracts. Staff are not allowed to use templates for personal use. The UKZN logo is also not to be copied and used from the template documentation. Should you wish to use the UKZN logo, please contact Corporate Relations.


Service Level Agreement Template Service Level Agreement

Research Funding Agreement Template Research Funding Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template Non-Disclosure Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement Template Memorandum of Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding Template Memorandum of Understanding

Material Transfer Agreement Template MATERIAL TRANSFER AGREEMENT UKZN Lender